At Desert Whale Jojoba Company, sustainability is a seed we planted over 30 years ago.
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Since 1978, Desert Whale Jojoba Company has been dedicated to providing the personal care industry with reliable, quality natural products for cosmetic formulations. A global leader in the growing and production of jojoba, we own and operate the largest organic jojoba farm anywhere with over 2,000 producing acres in the deserts of Arizona.

Desert Whale is one of the few companies in the world who grows, produces and supplies raw materials to the cosmetics industry. During the past 10 years, we've cultivated relationships with other growers and producers to add over twenty botanical emollients to our product line to meet the increased demand for unique, botanical ingredients. Desert Whale is integrally involved in the research and development of new functional ingredients. We offer a complete range of jojoba proteins and amino acids to enhance hair care and color cosmetic formulations. Our expert technical support formulators and customer service representatives are dedicated to helping our clients. And, our worldwide network of distributors is focused on maintaining inventory, and providing technical support and critical multinational account coordination. Together, we are committed to helping the cosmetic formulator develop products for today and tomorrow.

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In the 1970s, a convergence of scientific discovery and environmental activism led to the founding of the Desert Whale Jojoba Company. When researchers learned that Jojoba extracts could replace spermaceti oil in cosmetic formulations, activists in the Save the Whale campaign gained another compelling argument in their crusade to end the decimation of Sperm whale populations.

Soon, a multiplicity of other Jojoba benefits became apparent. Not only were Jojoba extracts superior in many respects to their synthetic and natural counterparts, but Jojoba represented a renewable agricultural resource in an otherwise limited growing region. As word of the products and the company spread, Desert Whale captured the growing demand for environmentally friendly, high-quality emollients that could be used for a wide range of cosmetic products.

Today, Desert Whale is the largest US producer and processor of Jojoba, and one of the few companies in the world growing AND producing raw materials for the cosmetics industry. From our corporate headquarters in Tucson, Arizona we export Jojoba derived ingredients and more than 20 natural emollients to over twenty countries through our network of exclusive distributors. Desert Whale pioneered the production of organically certified jojoba, and we continue to advance the innovations and formulations that will define the quality of fine cosmetics and personal care products for years to come.

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What is Jojoba?

In the austere and unforgiving climate of the American Southwest blooms the unique Jojoba plant. Native to the arid Sonora Desert , Jojoba contains natural emollients that penetrate, moisturize and condition the skin and hair. Although Native Americans harvested Jojoba and utilized its curative properties for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1970s that scientists discovered that oil extracted from the plant could provide a natural base for cosmetic formulations.

Although Jojoba is commonly called an oil, it is actually a liquid wax ester. As the singular botanical source for such esters, Jojoba possesses a chemical formation comprised of long chains of unbranched esters ranging from 34 to 44 carbon atoms. Jojoba’s molecular composition results in exceptional oxidative stability.

What does all of this mean? It means that Jojoba provides an unsurpassed, non-oily, and non-occlusive base for a wide range of superior personal care products. In shampoo and conditioner, Jojoba adds shine and improves the combing and manageability of hair. In lip care products, it imparts gloss, moisture and improves slip for dispersing of pigments. In hand and nail care applications, Jojoba penetrates and conditions the fingernail and cuticle.

From the seeds of the Jojoba plant come products that satisfy discriminating consumers everywhere. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of fine cosmetic products, Jojoba has the qualities that are right for you.

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250 miles west of the air conditioned world of Tucson, as you drive through the mesmerizing volcanic landscape and endless sagebrush of Arizona ‘s Hyder Valley , you come upon an incongruous sight: 1200 verdant green acres in the desolate heart of the Sonora Desert . Welcome to El Nino--Desert Whale’s Jojoba farm and harvesting facility.

While we have come a long way from our early days of harvesting wild Jojoba seeds by hand, we have never lost sight of the founding principles of our company. Desert Whale’s Jojoba farms set industry standards for environmentally sensitive and sustainable practices. Our organic products, Certified by Quality Assurance International, are as pure as those harvested by Native Americans centuries ago. We wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are considering adding Jojoba as a functional ingredient to your line of products, take a few moments to view pictures of our farms and experience for yourself the native environment of one of nature’s most inspired creations.

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Family of Products

Desert Whale offers a complete range of products derived from Jojoba. These functional ingredients originate from various parts of the jojoba seed through proprietary methods of extraction and/or processing. The first process is extraction of the oil from the Jojoba Seed. The resulting products are Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Meal. Our family of products are then produced from these two ingredients. Select the links below to learn more about the products derived from Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Meal.

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